Published photos in NG, 2014



I could say that year 2014 was a big success. I managed to make lots of stories for nature tv show ‘’Ozone’’ (Estonian Public Broadcasting) and also a great number of my work got published in all sorts of magazines. For example, in National Geographic (US national, Estonian, Russian etc versions) and I was really surprised that not only once, but somehow two times. Its an honor for a photographer, especially for a photographer at such young age.

First image, that mushroom scene, was actually supposed to be published in December 2013, but getting your work published in National Geographic depends on many things, such as if they have enough ad sales for that particular issue to use it, does it fit with other photos etc. But hey, my first image got published in March, 2014. I must say that it wasn’t that exciting anymore, because after five months I got used to this idea. Although it was exciting to hold a paper version of it.

World of it's own

They requested the second image from me in June, 2014. Back then I was in Norway, on a trip, but I managed to answer those emails. That image was about old curls, that came in different sizes and colours. I suppose you don’t see such thing anymore. I used my grandma as a model. I’m not used to taking that kind of pictures on a daily basis, but it just worked at that time and it worked for editors of National Geographic as well. So, it got published in October, 2014.

After that great news you might think that everything is fantastic, right? Well, there’s still something that bothers me – the fact that neither of those photos were nature or wildlife shots. This might be a good thing after all, I mean, it makes me work even harder. I feel that I’ve managed to make so many things work in 2014. Let’s see what future brings.

Variety of mushrooms