Book review: House in the woods


It’s quite nice to enjoy those moments that others have managed to capture. I’m a big book enthusiast, that means that I have lot’s of bird guides and also lots of photo books. A couple of years ago I asked Sven Zacek that what kind of photo books would he suggest to me. And that’s when he introduced me Kai Fagerström’s and Heikki Willamo’s ‘’The House in the Woods’’ (Maahenki, 2011). Somehow they’ve managed to create a magical and fabulous pictorial world.

The whole book is full of photos reflecting that kind of rustic, melancholic feelings. The houses are abandoned, but then reclaimed by wild creatures. Spirits of the last residents linger in the structures and abandoned household items even though the living quarters have been taken over by new noises. Squirrels, mice, foxes, raccoon dogs and badgers as well as numerous species of birds live in nooks and crannies.

This book is in my top 5. Seriously, it’s that good, even after two years since I bought it. Kai Fagerström’s photos of abandoned houses have been published in various magazines, including National Geographic. The House in the Woods reached the final of the WWF Nature Book of the Year competition in 2010.