2018 12.27

My favorite bird photos of 2018

In the year 2018 I published my second book called „Eesti talvised metsalinnud“, which is about wintering woodland birds. I wrote, took photos and even filmed a lot, mainly birds and different forest sceneries. Some of my bird shots even ended up in a movie called „Eva’s Christmas Mission“. Most of my work is still […]

2017 12.27

My favorite bird photos of 2017

The main thing that I’ll remember from 2017 is that I got my first book published. That is most certainly a milestone and I can assure you that my photographic journey is just in the beginning. This year I was focusing on common species, such as White wagtails or Common linnets. Furthermore, there was one […]

2016 12.22

About the photo: Hungry chicks

I decided to write a little bit about a moment that probably influenced me the most this year. The photo ”Hungry chicks” is taken in June during my project ”Forest whispers”. I have been getting closer and closer to the hidden gems of woodlands. I think that you can rightly call Eurasian wren a gem. […]

2016 12.21

My favorite bird photos of 2016

Year 2016 was full of different moments. My work got published in different magazines, newspapers etc. Special thanks to the editors of Sensa magazine and Pärnu Postimees newspaper.  The purpose of getting my work published is to englighten people about nature, especially about wildlife. I was really glad to hear that people appreciated my shots […]

2016 03.03

Forest whispers: And it feels like

I finally had the chance to get back to local woods again and the view was rather sad, because the forest seemed as if it was imprisoned. Thick, ice covered snow obstructs both – me and other creature’s movement. The track, that I used to pervade within minutes during the summertime, could now take me […]

2015 12.17

My favorite bird photos of 2015

Year 2015 was full of different moments. My works got published in different magazines, newspapers etc. The purpose of that is to englighten people about nature, especially about wildlife. I was really happy to hear that people appreciated my shots of small passerines. Some of them are decorating walls in cozy homes and offices. I […]

2015 03.25

Aurora borealis in Estonia

On March 17th 2015 I spent nearly 7 hours outside, my head tilted back. I didn’t feel any hunger, I didn’t feel cold or tired. . . I was watching the Aurora borealis or the Northern lights that can be seen usually above the magnetic poles of the northern hemisphere and they are actually the result […]

2015 03.11

Lapland, winter | Finland

I’ve been planning a trip to Lapland for at least four years now. So far, these plans have always failed, but this year it finally became a reality. I decided to visit Lapland in March due the longer days and I was hoping that perhaps there’s more snow. I didn’t have any particular plans, I […]

2015 02.23

About the photo: Puffin’s moonrise

Last year I had the chance to visit this small, but absolutely beautiful island called Runde which is situated in the Western coast of Norway. I have always found Norway as a sympathetic place. You can’t say that Norway is known for it’s rich birdlife, but nevertheless, you could see some birds that you can’t […]

2015 01.02

My favorite bird photos of 2014

Year 2014 was full of different moments, achievements and I’m glad that I managed to experience new things and launch brand new website. I also managed to encounter new species like Atlantic puffins, European stonechats, Common guillemots etc. Here are some of my favorite bird photos from 2014. Enjoy! Long-tailed tit (Aegithalos caudatus) Eurasian nuthatch […]

2014 12.04

Runde island | Norway

My second visit to Norway took place in June, 2014. The main aim was to reach a small island called Runde which is located in Møre og Romsdal county. The island has a population just a bit over 100. Naturally, Norway is beautiful, no matter what season it is or where you’re located at. So […]

2014 11.20

Published photos in NG, 2014

I could say that year 2014 was a big success. I managed to make lots of stories for nature tv show ‘’Ozone’’ (Estonian Public Broadcasting) and also a great number of my work got published in all sorts of magazines. For example, in National Geographic (US national, Estonian, Russian etc versions) and I was really […]

2014 11.10

Book review: House in the woods

It’s quite nice to enjoy those moments that others have managed to capture. I’m a big book enthusiast, that means that I have lot’s of bird guides and also lots of photo books. A couple of years ago I asked Sven Zacek that what kind of photo books would he suggest to me. And that’s […]

2014 11.09

About the photo: Bogey

In that photo you can see a quite common amphibian, at least it’s quite common in Estonia – Common Toad (Bufo bufo) who is peeking to see what’s going on at the surface. I’ve been trying to keep an eye on frogs and their breeding games for several years now. In the last three years […]